5 Things To Know Before You Bleach Your Hair


New Delhi: Don’t we all enjoy giving our hair a gorgeous, vibrant tint to enhance our overall appearance? While compliments and confidence may accompany bleaching your hair, there are a few things to carefully consider before going all in. Before bleaching your hair, keep the following five points in mind:

1. Bleaching can be an expensive habit: 

The natural look bleaching comes with a certain amount of financial commitment. It is an expensive procedure to undertake in general and should be performed by a trained professional. Additionally, post-bleach care and a specified hair care routine according to your hair type make up a considerable monthly expense. It is, however, essential to buy products that cater to this need after bleaching your hair to ensure that they’re healthy, moisturised, and looked after.

2. It may potentially cause burns:

Bleach burns can produce substantial pain, redness, swelling, blistering, or more serious skin damage, just like a heat burn or sunburn. It is sometimes difficult to realise a bleach burn, thus leading to a prolonged presence of bleach on your skin before you acknowledge the pain it’s causing. This makes it important to treat it immediately. Moreover, each scalp reacts differently to bleach or a certain colour applied. Hence, it’s essential to know your scalp sensitivity and not wash your hair prior to bleaching, since it is good if the hair retains its natural oils.

3. Post-bleach care has to be a priority:

Here are a few things to consider and apply to your hair care routine in order to maintain its strength and health:

  • Hair should be washed less frequently
  • More conditioning to be undertaken
  • Make a habit of using a hair mask
  • Let your hair air dry

4. Changes in hair nature and texture:

Your hair is bound to experience changes post bleaching. A few of the basic changes would include a relatively dry scalp. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about washing your hair every three days. Moreover, people with straight hair might witness subtle curls and curly-haired people may find their hair to have straightened or become less curly with time and that’s completely normal. The good news is, bleaching can make your hair voluminous making it appear thicker and healthier.

5. Bleaching is the only way to achieve lighter coloured hair:

The basic approach is that there’s no escaping from the need to use a high lift tint or bleach to achieve a lighter or brighter tone in an economic and safe way. Bleach isn’t just for blondes; it is also the only way you can get brilliant and vibrant reds or blues in dark hair.

Lastly, it is also a process that should be taken in steps. You cannot go blonde overnight and you should be aware of people who promise you otherwise. Also, you should take up bleaching in sections thereby, spreading out the costs.

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