‘Adipurush’ Director Om Raut On Controversy Around Film, ‘ Would Not Have Released Teaser…’


New Delhi: ‘Adipurush’ has been courting controversy since its teaser release on Monday. From memes and trolls around the portrayal of Saif Ali Khan as Ravana to the film facing legal action for ‘incorrect’ portrayal of Hindu deities, the negative controversy around the film has generated a lot of buzz. Now, the film’s director Om Raut has broken his silence around the criticism the film has been facing. Raut shared that his heart was broken after hearing the kind of things which were being spoken of about the film.

‘Adipurush’ stars Prabhas and Kriti Sanon in the lead, besides Saif Ali Khan in negative roles. The film has been one of the most-anticipated releases of South superstar Prabhas. 

In an interaction with the media after the 3D launch of the film’s teaser, Om Raut expressed his views around the audience’s reaction after watching the teaser. Om Raut said, ” Jis tara se logon ne react kia, us se mujhe aascharya nahi hua, balki mujhe dil tutne ka ehsas hua. Aascharya isliye nahi hua kynki film bade parde ke lie banai gyi hai, iske swaroop ko kuch had chota zaroor kia jaa sakta hai, magar ise mobile par fit nahi kia ja sakta hai. Is tarah ke mahaul par mera koi niyantran nahi hai. Agar mujhe choice di jaye to mai aise( teaser ko) YouTube par release nahi karta magar ye aaj ki badi zaruurat hai jise nakara nahi ja sakta hai ( The way people have reacted to the teaser has not surprsised me but had broken my heart. I am not surprised because the film ( Adipurush) has been made for the big screen experience. It’s resolution can be adjusted to an extent but cannot be fitted on a mobile screen. Given a choice, I would not have released Adipurush’s teaser on YouTube, but this is a necessary thing in our times)”

The teaser shown to the media in the 3D format has been called more interesting and better than the 2D one which is available on YouTube. 

Om Raut also shared that the best version of ‘Adipurush’ is obviously available in the 3D format however because our country does not have so many 3D theaters everywhere, the film has been simultaneously made in 2D.

The ‘Tanhaji’ filmmaker also shared that ‘Adipurush’ is an attempt to bring the epic ‘Ramanyana’ to modern day audiences. “Aaj ke bache, aaj ki peedi Marvel, Superman se lekar Spiderman jaise vishwasneeye filmein dekhti hai aur aise mein unse aaj ki bhasha mein bat karna zaruri hai( Today’s generation watches global movies like Marvel’s Superman and Spiderman and thus it is necessary to talk to them in today’s language and idiom).

Om Raut also stated that ‘Adipurush’ is not an emotional film, it is a complete live action film in which motion-catcher technology has not been used.

‘Adipurush’ is slated to release on January 12, 2023.


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