Best Budget Wi-Fi Routers Under Rs 5000 in India in July 2021 ft. TP-Link Archer AX10


The best budget wi-fi routers in India are no longer exorbitantly expensive, or even indulgences. With most of us continuing to work from home as the Covid-19 pandemic persists in the air, budget wi-fi routers need to be selected with particular care, to ensure that they are compatible with internet services no matter where you stay, and on top of everything else, work consistently. Some of the best budget wi-fi routers in the market offer super reliable speeds, great network coverage and excellent consistency of service. These make sure that your budget wi-fi routers aren’t compromises in any way, and also offer nifty apps and firmware to shore up your network security as well.

TP-Link Archer C6: Price: Rs 2,599 (approx). The TP-Link Archer C6 is one of the most highly rated wi-fi routers on e-commerce platforms, possibly for its perfect balance of price, capabilities and even looks. This dual-band, MU-MIMO wi-fi router is going to be absolutely able in terms of handling fiber broadband internet plans, offering five gigabit ethernet ports and four external antennae to ensure maximum internal wi-fi range. It is one of the most reliable and stable wi-fi routers on a budget, proving that often, the best of things do not cost a bomb.

TP-Link Archer AX10: Price: Rs 4,999. TP-Link has yet again played the value game well, and with the Archer AX10, has one of the best budget wi-fi routers in the market delivering wi-fi 6 as part of its feature set. The smart router is smart home compatible, and is future ready thanks to using wi-fi 6 services. This will ensure that it can technically deliver an even higher data bandwidth, which in turn ensures that even when you upgrade your fiber broadband connection to faster networks, you do not need to upgrade your router. The Archer AX10 will be the best bet if you’ve purchased new phones and laptops for your home work setup, too.

Tenda AC8: Price: Rs 1,899. The most affordable of all budget wi-fi routers in this list, the Tenda AC8 offers apt services to ensure that you get more than enough bandwidth for subscribing to fiber broadband services. It can also support multiple devices at the same time, and come with four gigabit ethernet ports and four external antennae as well. It also allows users to setup a guest wi-fi SSID, which ensures that you do not need to share your actual home wi-fi network password with any visitor, and maintain ample security. It also comes with a parental control monitor, too.

Netgear R6260: Price: Rs 4,299. The Netgear R6260 is a smart entry point for users into the Netgear router experience, and offers ample power for all possible networks that you can subscribe to. The router offers a super streamlined setup process thanks to the Netgear Nighthawk wi-fi app, and has up to date internals for one of the best firmware supports in the router market right now. Its bandwidth is great for home wi-fi setups, and will ensure that you get zero buffering or network downtimes — as long as your network itself remains consistently functional.

D-Link DIR-841: Price: Rs 2,598 (approx). The D-Link DIR-841 is an unassuming router that is also a great option to consider for all home broadband services across India. The router features four external antennae for the maximum range coverage of internet services at home, and also features beamforming technology to further strengthen the internet signal at home. It supports up to gigabit class internet connections, and its firmware also ensures that you get sufficient security features to help you setup adequate security standards against the most common forms of cyber attacks.

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