DNA exclusive: Analysis of ‘ground water pollution’ from Delhi’s garbage mountains


New Delhi: Water is life. It is considered one for every human being present on the Earth, except for the ones living near the huge Ghazipur landfill garbage site. The poisonous water near the Ghazipur area is living proof that the government does not care about the lives of the poor who can not afford filtered, clean water. Various political parties, during this year’s MCD elections, shined their politics by climbing these garbage mountains. Ghazipur, Bhalswa and Okhla landfill sites remain the hot topics during these elections. In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan analysed the sample reports of groundwater pollution from mountains of garbage near Ghazipur. 

The garbage mountains are poisoning the lives of people living around them. Every now and then, reports of garbage fire comes forth and spreading pollution. These landfill sites, which have become ‘mountains of shame’ for Delhi, have dissolved poison in the ground water. Bathing and everyday household chores are also at risk of getting various skin diseases, infections and even fatal diseases like cancer.

The standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the amount of total dissolved solids i.e. TDS in drinking water should be 500 mg per liter. The amount of TDS in the ground water of Ghazipur is 578. According to BIS standards, the level of hardness in drinking water should not exceed 200 mg per liter. But the hardness level of Ghazipur’s ground water is  343 mg per litre.

Apart from Ghazipur, Okhla and Bhalswa’s landfill sites are equally poisoned. If someone bathes with the water near Okhla landfill area, it will be equal to bathing with acid water in a way. Watch tonight’s edition of DNA for more in-depth information and other details.

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