‘Dosa printer’: Netizens divided over machine that helps make India’s favourite Southern cuisine


Sold by a company called Evochef, the dosa maker is claimed as the ‘world’s first smart dosa maker’ and comes equipped with settings, which allow one to decide the thickness and the crispiness of the dosa

The dosa maker. evochef.in

The modern era has fulfilled many human needs through state-of-the-art gadgets and technologies. Today, we are surrounded by a variety of machines that make almost every task easier.

But never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that technology might introduce us to a dosa maker. Yes, you read that right. If you love South Indian cuisine, then surely you know the struggle to achieve a perfect crispy dosa and hoped that some machine could help you make instant dosas. Well, it appears that your prayers have been answered.

A Twitter user has recently posted a video of a dosa maker, which is being dubbed a “dosa printer”. The video, which appears to be a clip from an advertisement, has stunned social media users.

Sold by a company called Evochef, this dosa printer is claimed as the “world’s first smart dosa maker” in the ad. This dosa printer rightly does what it claims, it prints the dosa. The video, posted on 23 August, shows how the machine works. The footage, which is making the rounds of the internet, opens by showing a woman pouring the dosa batter into a glass container attached to the back of the machine, then she opens the front of the dosa maker, which forms a tray. The video reveals that the machine allows you to choose various settings like deciding the thickness of your dosa and its crispiness.

In addition, you can also add oil, ghee, or butter on your dosa. The moment you switch on the machine, it automatically pours the batter into its cylindrical-shaped hot pan. And once it is ready, it serves the dosa on its front tray like paper.

Social media users had mixed reactions to the dosa maker clip. Several were impressed by the technology, while many claimed that making dosa is not the harder part but preparing its batter is a struggle. One user commented, “This is useless innovation. Making dosa is not the hardest part. Preparing batter is harder work. In chapati makers, the machine prepares the dough from flour so it makes sense. Here you have to make the batter yourself.”

Check out netizens’ reaction:

So far the video has been played around 300,000 times and has garnered more than 7,000 likes.

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