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  • The EFF says the allegations against its leaders Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu in a new book by Jacques Pauw are baseless.
  • Businessman and Malema associate Adriano Mazzotti and his business associate Mohammadh Sayed have also denied the allegations.
  • The book cites Malema’s former housekeeper, who “spills the beans” about the lavish lifestyles she witnessed.

The EFF says the allegations contained in a new book by author and journalist Jacques Pauw are “not worth the paper they’re printed on” and “lack substance”.

EFF spokesperson Sinawo Tambo responded on behalf of EFF leader Julius Malema and his deputy, Floyd Shivambu.

On Friday, News24 reported that several allegations were made against Malema and Shivambu in Pauw’s new book Our Poisoned Land: Living in the Shadows of Zuma’s Keepers, a sequel to The President’s Keepers, which was published in 2017.

In the book, Pauw cites Adriano Mazzotti and Malema’s former housekeeper “Margaret”, and chef John Mbewe.

They lifted the veil on the firebrand leader’s alleged dealings with self-confessed tobacco smuggler Mazzotti, ranging from hosting lavish parties to Malema allegedly receiving cash envelopes from the businessman.

Malema allegedly held secret meetings with Mazzotti, one of which was reportedly also attended by Shivambu.

Malema and Mazzotti also allegedly regularly hosted lavish parties at the upmarket Raphael Penthouse Suites in Sandton, Johannesburg, where Shivambu was allegedly a regular.

The EFF said: “We know Jacques Pauw has a history of constructing stories, mostly from his arrest in the Waterfront for drunk and disorderly behaviour. The new book is just another avenue for Jacques Pauw to revitalise his career, and we don’t think there’s any substance to the story.”

Bags of cash

Margaret claimed to have witnessed Mohammadh Sayed, one of Mazzotti’s co-directors at his company Carnilinx, bringing “up to eight bags of cash” into the factory daily.

She said she witnessed this when she took food into the boardroom, where Mazzotti and Sayed allegedly counted the money. She said this happened once a month or more, adding that they stacked some of the money in envelopes marked “Ju,” purportedly for Malema.

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Mazzotti and Sayed also denied the allegations in the book, saying this was the second time that Pauw had defamed Mazzotti in his books. The two said the accusations against them were an attempt to “tarnish, damage, and harm” their reputations.

In the book, Pauw writes that the housekeeper, who has signed two affidavits, was indeed fired by Carnilinx in August 2018.The documentation from her disciplinary hearing states that she was found guilty of two charges of “disrespect/insolence” after she swore at a manager at Carnilinx.

There was no theft-related or dishonesty charge against her raised during the proceedings.

Margaret then laid a complaint of unfair dismissal at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). She won the case and the CCMA ordered Carnilinx to pay her out for her unfair dismissal.

Pauw said she handed him documents that confirmed her version. Mazzotti’s comment makes no reference to his former Malawian chef, who confirmed the allegations of the housekeeper and who also said witnessed the events in the apartment.

Below is a full, unedited response from Mazzotti and Sayed:

“Mr Mazzotti and Mr Sayed vehemently deny the scandalous and vexatious allegations wherein reference is made to both of them in this article and take umbrage with the sensationalistic headline, which is nothing more than an attempt to tarnish, damage and harm their reputations.

“Beyond denying these allegations, it must be noted that this is Mr Pauw’s second book in which he defames Mazzotti, amongst others. The first book was published a month and a half prior to the 2017 ANC conference and now, both interestingly and conveniently, this second book is too published a month before the next ANC conference on 15 December 2022.

“There is no doubt that there are political motives and agendas being driven which can easily be inferred by the fact that the article itself states that Mr Pauw interviewed the anonymous witness, in April 2019. It is convenient to disclose the alleged story three years later. Pauw also fails to record that his witness, a disgruntled employee, was caught stealing from our clients on numerous occasions together with other misconduct. It is thus evident that the allegations are distorted for ulterior purposes.”

*Margaret is not the former housekeeper’s real name. Her name was changed to protect her identity.

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