Friendship Day 2022: Here’s Why It Is Celebrated On First Sunday Of August


New Delhi: Friendship Day is marked annually to celebrate the special bond that we share with our friends. At different stages of life, friends are an inseparable part of us and at any juncture, friends find the way to our heart as naturally as they can.

Although the United Nations has designated July 30 as the International Friendship Day, India continues to celebrate this special day on the first Sunday of August every year. It falls on August 7 this year.


The history of Friendship Day dates back to the year 1920. The idea of Friendship Day was first introduced in 1930 by Joyce Hall (founder of Hallmark Cards).

Before that, Greeting Card National Association, in 1920, tried to promote this Friendship Day concept as a part of its strategy to boost the sales of greeting cards.

However, people realised it and the concept failed.

Later, in 1958, World Friendship Crusade also proposed the idea, but it was not successful. Finally, in 2011, the United Nations declared July 30 as World Friendship Day.

From then on, different countries have been celebrating the Friendship Day on different dates. India observes the day on the first Sunday of August.


On this special day, people wish the best and happiness for their friends they have in their lives.

They also shower each other with gifts and happy wishes. Notably, this is also the day when United Nations urges the people to observe understanding, friendship and cooperation across barriers. 

Also, friendship bands are typically worn around the wrists of participants in Friendship Day celebrations. This is viewed as a commitment to always be each other’s best friends.

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