Hair Tips: Know The Reason Behind Premature Greying Of Hair And Steps To Control It


Dealing with hair problems has become a challenge for everyone in today’s time and age. Problems mainly include hair loss and white hair. One problem that can be witnessed is also premature greying of hair. There are many reasons why hair greys before age. Vitamin deficiency in the body is also a major cause. The problem of white hair and hair fall can be attributed to a deficiency of Vitamin C One form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid which is effective in getting rid of the problem of hair loss.

This vitamin is also helpful in the production of collagen, an essential element of hair. Vitamin C prevents hair from thinning, improves hair texture, and cures damaged hair. This vitamin also promotes hair growth. Vitamin C deficiency in the body turns hair to grey prematurely. In addition, this vitamin deficiency causes dryness in the hair.  

How to overcome vitamin C deficiency?

These vitamins are mainly found in sharp fruits. In addition, vegetables are also considered to be the best source of vitamin C. Experts believe that consuming 3.8 grams of vitamin C daily cures blood circulation in the scalp and solves hair-related problems. Find out which foods do not cause vitamin C deficiency. 

Which food is included in vitamin C deficiency 

Eating citrus fruits like lemon, guava, orange, grapefruit, papaya, Jamun (Indian berry) will give the body a lot of vitamin C. In addition, vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and tomato food will also be appropriate. Prevent nutritional deficiency in hair instead of hiding white hair.


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