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  • When a partner feels welcomed, acknowledged, and important, they feel more connected to the relationship and are more willing to make the required sacrifices.
  • Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini explains how small gestures can make a big difference in a relationship.
  • She also says how you greet your partner is essential.

Couples underestimate their power to set the relationship tone within the first 60 seconds of waking up, leaving for work, and coming home by the way they greet their partner, says Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini. 

It may seem small, but changing your mindset to a more loving greeting makes a significant change in your relationship. When we are stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling troubled, an affectionate greeting from our partner can put us back on top of the world and give our day a more positive outlook.

Here are three other small gestures that can change everything about the way your partner feels toward you. 

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1. Give your significant other your total attention

When you first get up in the morning, turn to your partner. It’s easy to get distracted with the day’s events but make it your intention to give them attention first with a sweet greeting or action that lets them feel your presence.

2. Show excitement and engagement when they come home or arrive at an event with you

Instead of a lackluster “Hi,” hug them or give them a warm hello when they come home. When your partner feels appreciated and loved, it gives them the necessary support they need and minimises their work problems. There are no guarantees in life; everyone who has lost someone talks about the last time they saw their loved one. Therefore, imagining how your life would be without your significant other helps prioritise your time with them.

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3. Save the deeper conversation for later

If you had a significantly lousy day or bad news, wait until you’re alone together when you are less distracted to talk about it. Trying to talk about intense issues during a transition of waking up, leaving, or coming home is stressful and difficult.

Part of a healthy relationship is talking about deep concerns so you can both listen and respond helpfully.

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