IAS Success Story: Learn How Anupama Anjali Achieved Success By Adopting Positive Attitude


Success Story Of IAS Topper Anupama Anjali: While preparing for UPSC, it is important for candidates to keep themselves physically and mentally fit. By staying mentally fit, you will be able to focus better on studies. Here’s Anupama Anjali’s story, a 2018 batch IAS officer who completed her UPSC journey by keeping herself mentally and physically fit. Her story is inspiring for people who are preparing for UPSC.

You Have to Motivate Yourself 
According to Anupama Anjali, negative thoughts are common during UPSC preparation and people feel depressed. In such a situation, it is very important to stay positive. If you do not overcome negative thoughts, it becomes difficult to achieve success. You need to keep working hard by keeping yourself motivated. Doing so will ensure that you keep moving forward.

Refresh Yourself By Taking Breaks in Between
Anupama Anjali believes that people get bored with the preparations and in such a situation, one should refresh themselves by taking breaks in between. This will help reenergize you and restart your preparations. She believes that every person should do some exercise and meditation every day. This will help you to keep yourself fit.

Watch Anupama Anjali’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here


Anupama Anjali’s Advice to Others
Anupama believes that while preparing for UPSC, you should stay away from all kinds of distractions. Instead of partying with friends or attending functions, you should prepare for the exam. It is easier said than done, but this can definitely help you get success in UPSC.


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