ICSE ISC Boards 2021: How Practicing Question Banks & Sample Papers Can Lead You To A Big Score


ICSE & ISC Date Sheet may be expected soon. The syllabus of ICSE or ISC is more comprehensive and evaluative than theoretical. It requires students to think critically and approach the curriculum with certain practicality that most other boards do not.

The ideal thing to do is practice solving a lot of ICSE & ISC Sample Papers & Question Banks For Class 10 & 12. What this will do is help you develop the skill required for crafting precision answers with that extra edge that helps you secure the perfect score. The challenge lies in securing a high rank that gets you into the best colleges in your stream and to do that your answers will need that additional information to stand out and that comes from solving a plethora of sample papers and previous years’ question banks.

Here’s how to score big with ICSE & ISC Question Banks and Sample Papers,:

  1. Understand the marking and the questioning pattern betterICSE & ISC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 are generally set by a panel of teachers of the ICSE & ISC Board Exams 2021. This is not a fact that is known by a lot of people. This means that if you Solve Sample Papers like those by Oswaal Books, you will be answering some of the most demanding, trickiest and technically challenging questions set for you by some of the most hailed and highly acclaimed academic names. This way, you will know what to include in your answers to get the ideal marks with fair idea of question paper

Here’s Why Keep Testing Yourself With Oswaal ICSE & ISC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12:

  • All Typologies of Questions specified by the ICSE & ISC Board included.
  • Includes Answering Tips, Hints, Commonly Made Errors and many more innovative cognitive learning tools for exam-oriented preparation
  • All essential concepts and questions are covered, from an examination perspective.

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  1. Makes for great smart studying sessions – When you are solving previous years’ ICSE & ISC Question Banks for Class 10 & 12, you are answering some of the questions that have already appeared in the previous ICSE or ISC Board Exam Papers 2021. Once you have figured out the pattern by solving as many previous years’ question banks as possible, you will know what topics to emphasize on and what topics to leave out.

Oswaal Chapter-wise & Topic-wise ISC & ICSE Question Banks contains previous years; question papers with Marking Scheme &Toppers’ Answers, Mind Maps for an exam- oriented study. It includes Latest Typologies of Questions developed by Oswaal Editorial Board.

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So, you will have more time to dedicate towards important and critical topics that require clear concepts and understanding to gain some proficiency in.

  1.       Most effective revision method – With so much studying to do and so much ground to cover, students barely find time to revise. That is why, solving ICSE & ISC Sample Papers and Question Banks for Class 10 & 12 is so important because when doing that, you are not only sharpening your comprehension and answering skills, but you are also conducting a revision session. This has proved helpful for countless students in the past.
  2.       Improves the accuracy and the speed of answering – During an exam you will have very less time to go through the question paper, comprehend and construct an appropriate answer. To be able to do that in a matter of seconds requires a lot of practice. That means solving several different question banks and sample papers. What this will do is teach you how to manage time while helping you focus on what you have studied before and derive the necessary information to be able to construct a solid answer. Timing yourself is crucial and solving Oswaal Books’ ICSE &ISC Sample Papers and Question Banks, in the same way, is like conducting a dry run before the real examination for ICSE & ISC Boards 2021.
  3.       Finding out mistakes and weak points and working on them – The idea behind a sample paper is to help you figure out what sections of the syllabus you are not confident about or where you tend to make the most mistakes. This way, you get a chance to work on those areas and turn your weaknesses into your strengths. If you want to ensure that your preparation is solid and you have it all covered, then you need to start solving sample papers and previous years’ question banks without any further delay.
  4.       Build your confidence – No matter how hard you study or how hard you try – once fear takes over during the examination, it becomes extremely difficult to brush it off and continue with grit and determination. Confidence is your biggest asset and it comes with a lot of practice. Solving question banks and papers will make sure that you encounter some of the trickiest and most challenging questions for ICSE & ISC Board Exams 2021. This way, you improve your preparation and also gain confidence.


Mentors and teachers who want students to excel always encourage them to solve question banks and sample papers by Oswaal Books. This is because they draft sample papers in a way that tests the aptitude of students and their knowledge and applicability of the subject. If you want to secure that top spot, you will need to solve as many papers as you can get your hands on.

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