International Day Of Peace 2022: History, Significance And All That You Need To Know


New Delhi: Every year on September 21, people throughout the world observe the International Day of Peace. It is a day to honour the ability of international cooperation to create a world that is both peaceful and sustainable.

International Day Of Peace 2022: A brief history

World Peace Day was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. The day when the General Assembly’s annual sessions typically open was first selected as the date. The day aims to promote and uphold world peace, as well as a 24-hour worldwide ceasefire and non-violence for combatants.

International Day Of Peace 2022: Significance

The International Day of Peace honours the ability of international cooperation to create a world that is both peaceful and sustainable.

This is more crucial now than ever before as we face unimaginable problems. There are new forces of separation that promote bigotry and hatred. Violence is fueled by terrorism, and violent extremism aims to contaminate the brains of the impressionable and young. Natural catastrophes caused by climate change are making already fragile regions of the world even more vulnerable, driving up forced migration and raising the possibility of violence.

No one nation can overcome the steep and complicated obstacles to peace by itself. New kinds of cooperation and solidarity are needed to achieve this, and they must begin as soon as feasible.

International Day Of Peace 2022: Theme

The year 2022 has the theme “End Racism, Build Peace.” The United Nations is working together to create a world devoid of racism and racial prejudice. A society where empathy and compassion prevail over prejudice and hostility.

The United Nations Associations donated the Peace Bell, which became the emblem of World Peace Day, in 1954. On the first day of spring, at the Vernal Equinox, and on September 21 to commemorate the International Day of Peace, the bell is traditionally rung twice a year. The representative member, the Pope, and others, including youngsters from more than 60 different nations, donated coins and medals for use in the bell’s casting. The Hanamido, a little temple with floral decorations that represents the site of Buddha’s birth, served as the inspiration for the bell tower.


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