Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds Review: Don’t Rub Your Eyes, These Really Cost Just Rs 4,999


When a German car company talks about automobiles, what you do is sit up and listen. It is pretty much the same thing with the Swedes when it comes to audio. When a Swedish audio company talks about sound, you also sit up and take note. Which is exactly what I did when the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds came around. A quick glance at the spec sheet, and it gives these a very powerful personality and potential. You wonder, how these manage to yet they have a really affordable price tag of Rs 4,999. So, what is it? A true value for money proposition like no other in the wireless earbuds space? Or does it really, simply flatter to deceive? It has to be either of these two things. As I step away from the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds, in the midst of having reviewed true wireless earbuds across price points in the past few weeks before, alongside and after the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds, I must say these have left a lasting impression on me. In the most positive way possible.

With a price tag of Rs 4,999 down from Rs 5,999 earlier on Headphonezone.in, the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds are unbelievably affordable. In a way, these have significantly more credentials, for starters, than a lot of the stuff that phone companies are now making and selling in this price bracket. And since everyone wants true wireless earbuds, these do make a lot of sense without breaking the bank.

Design: Designed in Sweden. Enough said.

The design, for instance, gives the impression that these are significantly more expensive than the price tag suggests. That is always a good start. In fact, there is that resemblance to the more expensive Jabra Elite 65t, at least as far as the sculpting of the case and the general footprint of each earbud is concerned. Very subtle branding on the front of the case. And very subtle branding on each earbud too. You can get the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds in two colorways—black edition and grey edition. The LEDs give you an indication of the charging status too. The case has a soft feel finish and it proudly says “Designed in Sweden” on the back. It is a bit perplexing though that the USB-C charging port is on the bottom, which means the case has to be made to lie down every time you need to plug these in. Not a big problem, but well, the port positioned on the back might have been a bit more conventional.

The Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds are splash proof, sweat proof and what Jays calls workout proof. The IPX5 rating means you can have these as your companion for an outdoor running or jogging session and even for the fitness routine in the gym. Additionally, the fit is so good, as you are using the correct ear tip size for your ears, there is no point when you will feel these may pop out.

And on that point, Jays is bundling multiple ear tip sizes (small, medium and large) with the m-Five True Wireless Earbuds, which means you will find the fit that works best for you.

Performance: Shouldn’t This Have Cost 2X or 3X of Rs 4,999?

In each ear are 6mm audio drivers, which again draws similarities with the Jabra Elite 75t. Setting this up with the iPadOS, Android, macOS and Windows is a breeze and you’re ready in just about a few seconds. However, these will stay paired with only one device at a time—if you have multiple devices that you switch between, be ready to manually reconnect. Straightaway, you will notice there no indication in terms of an audio hiss which indicates these earbuds have switched on when you wear them. It isn’t a problem when other earbuds do that, but the fine attention to detail from Jays just feels really good.

The Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds start from a very neutral standpoint as far as the sound signature is concerned. Depending on what you are listening to, the audio that you hear is best tuned for that genre of music or content. If it’s the bass heavy music that your playlists are all about, you will hear very powerful reproduction of the lower frequencies. If it’s more podcasts and classic rock, the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds will deliver those to, in absolute perfection. There seems to be absolutely no artificial boost at either end of the spectrum and that means what you hear is very close to how the artists would have wanted you to.

This is a very different approach to wireless earbuds in this price range, because the general trend (at least for these more affordable true wireless earbuds) is to lean towards the lower frequencies and make bass sound really powerful. Even if artificially so.

The Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds do not have any sort of noise cancellation, but I have to say that the snug fit with the right ear tips deployed, blocks out a significant chunk of the din around you.

I did notice though that on iOS and iPadOS devices, the audio at even the lowest volume was a tad too loud for my liking, when playing music. This was with the Apple Music app, specifically—and that’s where most of my music is anyway. Yet, it was perfectly fine when watching something on Netflix, for instance, at the same volume level. The Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds doesn’t have a companion app for any platform, and hence I couldn’t really delve into any settings to see what was up.

Battery Life: Charge It and Forget It

Jays claims the battery in the buds will last 4.5 hours on a single charge and give you a total of 18 hours of music playback when topped up with the charging case before you need to reach for the charger again. These figures are pretty much on the mark, and when you use the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds at consistently low volumes, you’ll even get close to the 5-hour mark for the buds. That, for powerful wireless earbuds, is a very solid return.

Touch Controls: The Good And The Stuff I Cannot Work Out

The Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds have touch controls on each earbud. Good thing is, there is no button on either earbud that you may accidentally press. Yet, you need to be careful to not invoke the touch controls when you are wearing the buds, taking them out or adjusting them. Some of the touch controls, the simple ones, work very well. For instance, you tap once for pause and play. You tap twice on the right earbud to go to the next track and twice on the left earbud to go to the previous track. You receive and disconnect calls when the call is in progress, with a single tap. Yet, the trouble is with the volume controls. You press and keep it pressed for three seconds on the right earbud to increase the volume and on the left earbud to decrease the volume. I could never really achieve any sort of accuracy with this and almost always returned to the playback device to get things in order again.

The Last Word: Have You Ordered These Already?

Everything just comes together so well with the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds that it is hard to believe the price tag. That is first and foremost. Once you do believe that is true, there is the small matter of experiencing the performance. It is truly delivering the sort of powerful and premium audio experience that you’d expect from wireless earbuds that cost twice or three times more than the Rs 4,999 price tag of the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds—for instance, the Jabra Elite 75t, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and the Jabra Elite Active 75t. Jays has done an absolutely fantastic job with the Jays m-Five True Wireless Earbuds, and it delivers on the looks, the build, performance, battery and the ease of use. Isn’t that the entire checklist ticked off?

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