Kitchen Tips: Store Vegetable By Following These Easy Tricks To Prevent Spoiling


Kitchen Hacks: We have to face a lot of problems in storing vegetables and fruits in the summer season. Within a few days, vegetables start rotting, and then there is no option left and we have to throw them. Most people bring vegetables and fruits together for a week from the market at once and store them at home. But, due to the heat, these get spoiled. If you are also facing the same problem, we are going to tell you some tricks that won’t let your vegetable spoiled. So let’s know about those kitchen tips-

How to store green leafy vegetables :
If your green leafy vegetables are spoiled, cover them in tissue paper or kitchen roll before storing them in the fridge.  When covering in tissue paper or kitchen roll, you close it with a plastic cling wrap so that its moisture does not come out. By doing this, Green leafy vegetables will remain fresh for a long time.

How to store onion garlic
To store onion and garlic for a long time, take a bamboo steamer and store them in it. Protect it from the sun and well airy place, in this way it will be saved for a long time and will not germinate.    

How to store tomatoes
It’s very common that tomatoes to get spoiled very quickly. To save tomatoes, we store them in the fridge but it doesn’t safe there for too long. In this case, you can store them to save after cutting them into slices. Then store them in a container with olive oil. It won’t spoil for a long time.

How to store potatoes and apples
Always store potatoes and apples in airy bags or baskets. Also, keep them in a cool and dry place. 


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