PM Modi pips 13 global leaders to have highest approval rating


According to global leader approval tracker Morning Consult, the prime minister’s peak rating of 84 percent was in May 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi topped the chart of world leaders with an approval rating of 70 percent. AFP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has topped the approval rating chart of world leaders as per a survey conducted by Morning Consult Political Intelligence.

As per the survey, the prime minister of India is the most approved of 13 of the world leaders, which include heavyweights like United States president Joe Biden, United Kingdom’s prime minister Boris Johnson among others.

The list also included Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Canada’s Trudeau, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and others. According to the survey, Modi received a stellar approval rating of 70 percent while Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador was second with 64 percent and Italy’s prime minister Mario Draghi completed the top three with 63 percent.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, stood at number 4 with 52 percent approval. With 48 percent approval each, the fifth and sixth spots were taken by United States president Joe Biden and Australia’s Scott Morrison. The last three spots on the list were acquired by Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez, French president Emmanuel Macron, and Japan’s prime minister Yoshihide Suga with 35 percent, 34 percent, and 25 percent respectively.

What the survey said of Modi 

The report also showed that his approval rating has increased in the last two months as his approval rating was 66 percent in June. However, the data also showed that in May 2020, Modi enjoyed a record high rating of 84 percent.

The report also stated that Modi’s disapproval rating has also dropped to around 25 percent, one of the lowest on the list. According to the survey, the PM’s disapproval rating had reached a peak in May 2021 when the second wave of the Covid hit the country hard. Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden’s approval rating is low after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Many Americans are unhappy over the US’ policy in Afghanistan with a significant section calling US’ role as a “failure”.

How was the survey carried out?

According to Morning Consult, they conduct more than 11,000 daily interviews globally about leadership approval.

The Morning Consult calculates the approval and disapproval rating “based on a seven-day moving average of all adults in a given country with a margin of error of between +/- 1-3 percent”. Online interviews of approximately 2,126 adults were sampled for the data on India.

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