Prolonged Online Studies Lead To Severe Eye Strain In Children, Reveals Research


Eye Problems: Due to Coronavirus, children are forced to study online, and increased screen time has increased eye strain for them. Research conducted by GSVM Medical College has revealed that continuous online studies are spoiling children’s vision. The risk associated with vision has increased up to three times. GSVM Medical College had conducted research involving 700 children, out of which 200 children’s eyes were found severely strained.

Online education remains a cause of trouble for children in the Covid period. According to experts, children’s eyes have started drying up due to continuous exposure to mobile, tablet, and laptop screens. In the research by GSVM Medical College, while the eyes of 200 children eyes were found severely strained, the eyes of the rest of the children were reported to have other kinds of issues.

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Situation Worse In Second COVID Wave

Knowing that this year the situation is more worrisome than the first wave of the Coronavirus. Earlier, the drying time of children’s eyes was 6 hours, but after the second wave, now it has come down to only two and a half to three hours. In the second wave, the risk of Computer vision syndrome in children and adolescents has increased by 2 to 3 times.

The results of the report prepared by the Department of Ophthalmology at GSVM Medical College revealed that the eyes are getting tired quickly due to online studies. Along with online studies, playing games on mobile is also becoming a problem for children.

According to the report, the number of kids between 2 to 15 who need high-power glasses has increased due to mobile games. It is normal for their eyes to be watery and itchy. Blurring with irritation during studies is not a good sign. After the test, it was found that about 200 children and adolescents had blurred vision which is alarming according to the doctors.

Symptoms Faced Due To Prolonged Screentime

According to experts, digital eye strain is also called computer vision syndrome because mobile is also a device like a computer. Prolonged use of the computer, tablet, e-reader, and smartphone increases dryness in the young eyes. As per initial symptoms, children complain of confusion and frequent blurring due to eye strain. This is followed by headache, dryness in the eyes, frequent watering, neck, back, and shoulder pain. Children are being exposed to electronic gadgets every day.

To avoid these problems, use anti-glare glasses on the computer screen, keep the screen 20 degrees below the eye level. After every 2 hours, rest your eyes for 15 minutes. Take a break of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. Include dry fruits, flaxseed, soybean, broccoli, green vegetables, fruits, and fish in children’s diet. These measures will keep the negative effects in check and protect the eyes of the young ones.

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