Sawan 2021: Astrological Significance Of First Monday In The Month Of Sawan


Sawan Somvar Vrat 2021: The month of Sawan is the most beloved month of Lord Shiva. Worshiping Lord Shiva methodically in the month of Sawan is considered very auspicious. Shiva devotees eagerly wait for this month. In Hinduism, Monday is dedicated to Lord Bholenath. Monday In Sawan has special importance. It is a religious belief that Lord Shiva should be worshipped by fasting on Monday to seek blessings and fulfill all wishes.

list of Mondays 2021 In Sawan (Sawan Somvar 2021)

  1. First Monday of Sawan 26 July 2021
  2. Second Monday Of Sawan 2 August 2021
  3. Second Monday Of Sawan 9 August 2021
  4. Second Monday Of Sawan16 August 2021

Second yoga On First Monday In Sawan

According to Panchang, in 2021, the month of Shravan is starting from July 25, and the first Monday is on July 26. According to the Hindu calendar, on July 26, 2021, on the first Monday of Sawan, there will be Saubhagya Yoga till 10.40 pm. After this Shobhan Yoga will take place. Both these yogas are very auspicious and fruitful.

Astrological significance Monday shubha yoga

According to astrology, Saubhagya Yoga is always auspicious and fruitful. Saubhagya Yoga according to its name brings good luck. Astrologically it is believed that people who get married in Saubhagya Yoga have a happy married life. Success is assured when one starts a new business in this yoga.

According to astrology, Shobhan Yoga is considered to be the best for performing religious works. All religious works done in this yoga are successful. It is also believed that the journey done in this yoga proves to be fruitful.

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