Twitter is Reportedly Testing a New Tool to Help Users View Quote Retweets: Here’s How it Will Look


Twitter is working on a new feature where the users will be able to view retweets with quotes (formerly known as retweets with comments) on each of their posts. The ‘quote retweets’ will now appear as “Quotes” under tweets, with their own counter, similar to how the number of retweets and likes are displayed. The social network confirmed to The Verge that it is testing this new feature. “A few months ago, we made Retweets with Comments more visible when you tap to see Retweets on a Tweet,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

“This is available to everyone. Now, we’re testing making Retweets with Comments accessible directly on the Tweet and new language (Quotes) to see if this makes them easier to access and more understandable,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying over the weekend. In May, Twitter announced it is testing a new feature where it will show retweets with comments in a separate column or bar alongside the current retweet counter.

The move is to help users see “retweets with comments” in a simplified way. The column will be separate from the current retweets counter but would be live in the same line underneath your post. This feature would list all the retweets you get and separates those with comments from those without, making it easy to check if there’s somebody you can interact with. Twitter is also working on a key feature that will let both Android and iOS users schedule a tweet to be released on a specific date and time.

Scheduling seems to be currently available only to some users on Twitter for desktop and will be available for all soon. The micro-blogging feature is also experimenting with giving users a second opportunity to self-edit their tweets and replies if they contain harmful, abusive and hate content before they post it on the platform and face consequences for violating its policies.

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