Vivaldi 4.0 Rolls Out Inbuilt Translate Feature After Firefox Added Native Translation Tool


The Chromium-based Vivaldi browser has released its new version 4.0 that brings a slew of updates such as inbuilt Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS Feed Reader – all in beta form. The browser is also adding a built-in, “privacy-friendly” translation feature, powered by Lingvanex and hosted by Vivaldi, keeping translation results out of the reach of companies like Google or Microsoft. The new development comes days after the Firefox browser added a native Translation tool (via GizChina) to offer the same functionality. It essentially means that users won’t be compelled to use Google Translate (site or extension), though the accuracy of the results could still be questionable. Vivaldi 4.0 is available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, mobiles and tablets running Android 5 or higher. Earlier in April 2021, Vivaldi also rejected Google’s FLoC that builds profiles and tracks users in the absence of third-party cookies. The company claimed that FLoC carries privacy risks, and the component has been blacklisted from Vivaldi v3.8 onwards.

Starting with Vivaldi Translate, the company says that the translation engine provided by Lingvanex is hosted on Vivaldi servers in Iceland. “This means there are no third-party servers involved. And it means you don’t have to share what you read with prying eyes,” Vivaldi said in a blog post. By default, the Translate icon appears in the right corner of the desktop browser’s Address bar. To use the feature on the smartphone, open the Vivaldi Menu and select ‘Translate.’ Users will find translation settings in the Vivaldi Menu > Settings > General > Language Settings. The email client is in beta form and supports IMAP and POP accounts, so users can connect the vast majority of email services to it, and can access mails in the sidebar, present on the left side of the desktop browser. The company adds that users already using Vivaldi Mail will have benefits. “. It allows sorting, indexing and searching of feed items. It allows them to be marked as Read without deleting them. And it works as a unified system so that you can view all of your new messages in one place, instead of having to find and view feeds separately from your mail,” the blog post states.

The RSS reader is still under development, and users can get the basics done such as get YouTube or podcast feeds. The company assures it would add more functionalities to the Feed Reader in future. The inbuilt Vivaldi Calendar is also in beta form and comes as an alternative calendar from “big tech competitors.” Vivaldi says that data stored on its Calendar cannot be accessed by third-party trackers. Users can choose between three layouts: The minimal view only shows the event title, the full view shows all the event data in the main view, and the compact view gives the best of both worlds, putting a cap on the text in the events.

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