WATCH | CCTV footage captures robbers making off with ‘hundreds of suits’ from boutique store | News24


  • A group of robbers who gained access to a boutique store in Polokwane on Thursday morning made off with thousands of rand worth of clothing.
  • The owner said this was the third time his store had been ransacked using the same modus operandi.
  • The police said they were “on the heels” of the suspects involved in the incident.

A boutique clothing store at the Standard Bank Square retail shopping centre in Polokwane was broken into in the early hours of Thursday.

The incident was caught on CCTV camera and the footage shows the men forcefully entering the store. Moments later, they are seen hauling bags of loot from the shop. 

Police said the suspects stole clothes and shoes valued at “thousands of rand”, adding they were “on the heels” of the perpetrators involved in the burglary.

The owner of Lahom Clothing Concepts, Thabo Mohale, said he was “shocked” to learn of the looting at one of his five boutique stores.


“It was brutal. They came and collected everything they wanted. If the alarm didn’t go off the shop would have been cleared,” he told News24.

Mohale said this was the third time his store had been robbed, first in 2007 and again in 2018, and each time the same modus operandi was followed.

He added he believed the group was an organised crime syndicate.

“How do you steal hundreds of suits in less than a few minutes, and over a hundred pairs of trousers, shirts and belts? Where are they taking it? Where is the market?”

Mohale said his garments were curated and handpicked and replacing these “unique” items with insurance would not be easy.

“I’m angry because I have no job to do now. They are closing me down like this.”

Mohale said it felt like an “annual event” where small businesses were being sabotaged.

“How am I going to rise up after all this? I don’t have the strength. My premiums are going to go up and who’s going to foot that bill?”

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