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  • Snake catcher Nick Evans captured a mamba in his elderly friend’s laundry room in Durban, but not before it gave him the runaround. 
  • Evans enlisted the help of two of his friends, who live in the area, to help find the venomous snake. 
  • The 2.1m female black mamba was released back into the wild the following day.

Seasoned KwaZulu-Natal snake catcher Nick Evans had to tear down a few cupboards to capture a 2.1m female black mamba from an elderly friend’s home in Westville, Durban. The reptile had hidden under the cupboards in her laundry room in an attempt to avoid capture.  

“It was funny and scary because a friend of mine, who is very old, was sitting in the laundry room reading and noticed the mamba slithering past her feet under the table,” Evans told News24.

“The mamba was heading towards her kitchen, so she got up with her walking stick and pulled it back out and then it went into hiding,” he explained. 

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The veteran reptile rescuer eventually called in reinforcements. Two of his friends, who live in the area, came to his aid when he was unable to locate the mamba on his own. 

“I got there and had to look for it. I called two friends who live in that road and they ended up helping me. It was making life tricky, it kept moving, hiding under one thing and then slithered under the next,” he said. 

The three eventually managed to get the black mamba out after tearing down the cupboards in the laundry. The snake was released back into the wild the next day, Evans said.

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