Watch: Wild elephant roams in Assam’s Tezpur, creates havoc


According to WWF, about 100 humans and 40-50 elephants are killed every year due to human-elephant conflict over issues like crop raiding

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With the explosion in population, the man and animal conflict has been intensifying with each passing day. One of the telling signs is the large number of videos of animals wreaking havoc in cities and towns doing the rounds of social media.

Recently, a video was shared on Twitter in which a wild elephant can be seen roaming around the city of Tezpur in Assam. The animal appears to be angry in the footage and even kicks and knocks off a bike.

The video was captioned, “Dear mama, I am from Tezpur & this elephant passed away just in front of my house last night. I just want you to interfere in this matter and make a close watch to the animals, just see the health condition of a wild animal. Shame on every human being. Save our nature.”.

Watch the video here:

According to PTI, the elephant had passed the Brahmaputra River before getting inside the city from its northern banks. It first trespassed into a house in the Chanmari area, and began searching for food in the kitchen. The jumbo stayed there for a while before walking into the Chitralekha Park via the Tezpur ship port. The elephant, which had come from the Kaziranga National Park, damaged a number of properties.

Forest officials later successfully sent the elephant back towards the Brahmaputra River bank around 3 am on 27 August.

In a similar incident, an elephant was caught on camera destroying properties and cars in Kerala in 2019. Here’s the video:

The clip was shared on YouTube with the caption, “Kerala Elephant goes on a rampage destroys houses and car video 1 years ago 29.4.2019.”.

Elephants require large open spaces to survive and meet their ecological needs. On an average, an elephant can feed for up to 18 hours according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). One adult elephant can eat hundreds of pounds of plant matter in one day. The increasing encroachment upon their natural habitat by human beings has led to a rise in incidents of elephant-human conflict.

According to WWF, about 100 humans and 40-50 elephants are killed every year due to human-elephant conflict over issues like crop raiding.

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