West Bengal: E-rickshaw driver gives free rides to passengers who ace his GK quiz; social media users amazed


Suranjan Karmakar, an e-rickshaw driver from Liluah in West Bengal’s Howrah, will surprise you with his knowledge.

These days social media is filled with unique stories of people who cross every hurdle in life to fulfill their dreams. Many of these stories are inspiring and motivational. One such story is of Suranjan Karmakar, an e-rickshaw driver from Liluah in West Bengal’s Howrah. He is one such person who will surprise you with his knowledge.

Karmakar asks a bunch of general knowledge questions to his passengers and if they give the right answers to all the questions, he forgoes the fares. His story was shared on Facebook by one of his passengers, who got amazed by the e-rickshaw driver’s knowledge.


Sankalan Sarkar shared a post on Facebook which gives details about his ride in Karmakar’s e-rickshaw. During the ride, the driver asked Sarkar general knowledge questions such as the name of West Bengal’s first Chief Minister. As the ride progresses, the questions get tougher and tougher. The passenger got pretty impressed by Karmakar’s knowledge of and his eagerness to learn more.

In the post, Sarkar talked about the questions that the e-rickshaw driver asked him and how he replied to the tricky questions. He also talked about how Karmakar kept his love for reading alive despite being unable to complete his education. Sarkar completed his post with an image of the e-rickshaw driver.

Financial constraints forced Karmakar to drop out of school in the sixth standard but that did not reduce his thirst for knowledge. The e-rickshaw driver reads different books and new papers till 2 am daily.

The post, shared on 20 November, has garnered various several comments on social media. Several people have praised Karmakar for his immense knowledge. Others also claimed that they knew him, calling him a “fascinating” person.

Karmakar is a member of the Liluah Book Fair Foundation. Not only that, he also keeps laminated photographs of eminent personalities and historical on his e-rickshaw. In a bid to promote communal harmony, the e-rickshaw driver, who is a Hindu, from time to time wears a skull cap (affiliated to Islam) to embrace the country’s diverse culture.


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