‘Wouldn’t Even Consider Doing Something Like That’-James Anderson On Deepti Sharma’s Run Out of Charlie Dean


Former England cricketer James Anderson has fired a fresh salvo at Deepti Sharma after she ran England’s Charlie Dean out due to backing up too early. Speaking to BBC’s Tailenders podcast, he engaged in an extensive discussion on it, citing how the Indian bowler wasn’t even engaged in bowling.

It all began in the 44th over of England’s innings, Deepti came up to bowl to number eleven Freya Davies. Charlie, at the non-striker’s end, attempted to go early and steal a few yards by wandering out of the non-striker’s end.  On seeing that, Deepti turned around to run her out in her delivery stride, which meant a 16-run win for India and a 3-0 series sweep.

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In the end, India managed to remove Dean and won the match. Although a furor was awaiting the Indian team. After several top England cricketer were involved in heated debate on social media, now veteran England pacer James Anderson was asked about his opinion on the whole issue.

“Well, you know what? I thought, I knew we were going to talk about this today. So, on the train, on the way down, I thought ‘right, I’m going to just get my thoughts together and try and eloquently lay my views out for everyone’. Within 30 seconds of thinking about it, I was fuming. It just infuriates me those people, I mean it infuriates me just because I think it’s because I’ve been brought up, you know, in teams where we just wouldn’t even consider doing something like that. And yes, it’s in the laws of the game right now and they have obviously changed it so it’s now a run-out,” Anderson said.

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“I think now I really hope that players stay in their crease, just don’t give people the option of doing it. I feel so much for Charlie Dean because she got herself in a position where she could have possibly won the game for England. She managed the game situation brilliantly, I don’t think she was trying to steal a run, she just drifted and that is a natural thing for the batter to do, to walk along with the bowler.

“The issue for me was that Deepti was never thinking about bowling that ball. She was watching Charlie Dean the whole way and the moment she stepped out; she ran her out. That is what frustrates me about that dismissal. There has been a chat about giving warnings and the England camp talked about how there were no warnings. I don’t see it as a legitimate dismissal when I play cricket. Where is the skill in that? It is just a sneaky way of getting someone out, I do not like it,” he added.

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