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  • On Monday, police fired rubber bullets to disperse looters in Diepkloof Square and Bara Mall
  • According to police, more than 90 people have been arrested.
  • Soweto resident Mavis Mthethwa came looking for her daughter after police rounded up a group of looters at Diepkloof Square.

Mavis Mthethwa angrily stormed through the aftermath of looting at Diepkloof Square Mall in Soweto, trying to find her daughter as police rounded up people involved in the carnage on Monday.  

Mthethwa said that she walked nearly two kilometres to find her daughter after she caught wind that she may be part of the looting taking place.

Hundreds of people stormed various stores, including liquor outlets, retail and electronic stores, amid unrest in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal on Monday.

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“I am looking for this child, but I can’t find her. They are not a thief, and she left with friends, that’s why I don’t like her friends, they do wrong things. My child doesn’t drink or smoke, I am not happy,” she said. 

When she arrived, police had detained a group of people, including minors, that they found in a liquor store. Mthethwa’s daughter was not among them. 

Some residents watched as a helicopter circled the mall and police continued to fight off those who tried to continue looting.

Police fired rubber bullets in the mall parking lot as looters retaliated with stones and bottles. 

At Bara Mall, also in Soweto, a security guard watched on helplessly as looters rampaged through a Shoprite store, and the entire mall, stealing fridges and slaughtering livestock from the store’s butchery.

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“They arrived in the morning, and there wasn’t a lot of them. The police arrived, fired rubber bullets and left, but when the police left, they came back. There is nothing we can do about it,” said  Isaac Setsi. 

Meanwhile, as of Monday afternoon, Gauteng police said 93 people had been arrested. 

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